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Beach House 01 - Triggering Objects in Virtual Reality with Natural Language 



This project started with the idea of implementing 'Alexa' type voice commands within Unity3D to control objects in virtual reality.  After looking at and SDK's, I ended up using Unity's new integrated natural language processor and a few simple C# scripts. The video above is a screen capture from the HTC Vive, which has a front facing microphone that picks up commands quite well.  


I made the beach house scene as a relaxing place to be in virtual reality which allowed me to expand on previous experiments of incorporating UV sprite animation within static textures.  The rhythm of the waves create a relaxing, yet dynamic enviroment and a sense of realism hard to achieve with CG alone. I plan to expand on this idea in the future, stay tuned.


Software: Blender,  Adobe Photoshop, Quixel, Unity3D, Misc.


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